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Shot Heard Around The World

If you’re in or around the performance management market, you’ve no doubt already heard about SAP’s acquisition of Pilot Software. If you only read the official press release which describes it as a “tuck-in” acquisition, you might not realize how significant an event this really was. Certainly the analysts seem supportive; John Hagerty of AMR…

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Is A Balanced Scorecard Bad?

Over in the PMA Forum, Alan Meeks asks why anyone would want to have a balanced scorecard.  At first blush, this is a somewhat shocking question.  After all, who wouldn’t want a balanced scorecard?  As I replied in my own posting, the original intent of the term balance was to remind people not to focus exclusively on…

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Performance Awards

In my inaugural post, I said “The goal of this blog is to comment on the market for product and services that help organizations achieve alignment and highlight specific cases in which organizations have been successful in increasing their performance by getting people on the same page”.  On a recent flight, I took some time…

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