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Management by Marching Around

James Governor forwarded me a blog entry called Management by Marching Around which reviews a book called “No Yelling: The 9 Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business“.  No doubt James thought I would be amused because of the relationship to the title of my own blog.  But reading the entry got…

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Cascading Satisfaction

I’ve previously used the metaphor of a honeycomb to describe a connected and aligned organization. In Performance Alignment: Cascading Strategy, I described cascading as a formal method for achieving alignment by connecting strategy to operations to tactics. There are four options when cascading objectives or measures from one level (parent) to the next (child): Identical The…

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Alignment Focused Organization

By now, most of us have read about organizations that attempted to improve their performance by deploying dashboards populated with financial and operational metrics only to discover that managing by numbers alone didn’t improve their performance.  Instead, organizations must go beyond keeping score to ensure that everyone has a common understanding of both what they are trying…

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Organizational Alignment

As much as I believe in the concept of organizational alignment, I always find it a bit dismaying that so few other people seem to be blogging about it.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this post from a Deloitte Consulting blog called “Corporate Performance Management – The Next Step”.  A primary goal of…

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