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The More Things Change

Does the following resonate with you? “It seems that everywhere you turn, people are talking about performance management; vendors, consultants, press, public sector and commercial organizations alike. Amidst the buzz however, one troubling trend is beginning to emerge. Many performance management projects have languished, burdened by unrealistic expectations, delayed schedules, and intangible benefits. Performance management…

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Unhealthy Measures

It seems like every few months I hear a story that tries to claim that performance management is bad for organizations.  The latest one comes from Phil Dourado  who writes, “Target-based systems distort everything and most people’s behaviour.” (Source)  Phil bases his indictment of performance management on several stories about the UK’s National Health Service…

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Reviewing Call Centers

If you’re interested in performance management for call centers, you might want to check out an article I wrote called “Bridging the Gap Between Executive and Call Center Management” that appeared in the latest issue of Contact Professional. Here’s an excerpt: Despite significant investments in time and technology – including performance management – why is…

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