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Blogging Performance, part 2

After the reading the comments on my previous Blogging Performance post, I decided to revise my mission statement: Mission: To be a top of mind destination for performance management information and interactive discussions. According to my jumpstart methodology, the next step is to define specific objectives using the four Balanced Scorecard perspectives: financial, customer, process, and…

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Blogging Performance

How’s your blog doing? That’s a question I get frequently and I fumble for a good answer. Normally I mention that my readership seems to increase every month and leave it at that. But the question – and my fumbled answer – are a constant reminder I’ve never established any objectives for this blog. As such, I…

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Satisfaction vs. Loyalty

Bob McGlynn forwarded me a column from Jeffrey Gitomer called “If your customers are satisfied, why are they leaving?” Jeffrey’s claim is that customer satisfaction doesn’t matter; only customer loyalty does. He recommends that you should ask your customers three questions to measure loyalty: Will they do business with me again? Will they refer someone…

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