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First Mover Advantage

During the holidays, I had the chance to re-read one of my favorite marketing books: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Ries and Trout. While many people seem to think that the book is no longer relevant, I was more than a little surprised by how of much of the book I remembered and…

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The Upside of the Downturn

As a sound bite example of the Upside of the Downturn, Geoff Colvin suggested that death rates go down in a recession.  Regardless of the accuracy of the claim, it’s worth remembering that the recession provides new opportunities for companies willing to take risks.  To emphasize this point, Colvin subtitled his book “Ten Management Strategies to…

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MBWA Origins and Spinoffs

After last week’s post, Scrum By Walking Around, a reader emailed to ask if I knew the the origins of the phrase management by walking around (MBWA). Rather than replying immediately based on what I believed, I spent a fair amount of time doing Web research but the results were inconclusive. Most sources credit the Hewlett-Packard culture for…

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Scrum By Walking Around

If you’re not in software development, you may not be familiar with an agile software development framework called scrum. Scrum is an alternative to the traditional waterfall approach and attempts to simplify complex projects by structuring them in short cycles of work called sprints. Each sprint is based on prioritized customer requirements such that the highest value features…

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Less Is More

On my most recent transcontinental flight, I found myself writing the phrase “less is more” in response to a 60 page PowerPoint that I had been sent.   Unlike other irritating phrases, I believe that we could all benefit from following that advice.  Although the origins appear to be in doubt, “less is more” is often associated…

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