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Rewarding Teamwork

I believe every manager is a member of three teams: The people that report to that manager.  This is usually what someone means when they refer to “my team.” The external stakeholders in other departments they work with every day. For example, marketing is often considered part of the extended team for sales or development….

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Tabulating Taboos

What percentage of people wash their hands after going to the restroom? This is a difficult question to answer accurately. Surveys are unreliable because people are not likely to be truthful about behavior that is considered socially unacceptable.  Surveys underreport the true percentage. Even if it is difficult, estimating the percentage of people who engage…

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The Numerosity Heuristic

As a three-time CEO, I’ve had a lot of experience with incentive stock options and have been appalled by how poorly they are understood by the average employee. Many employees fixated on the number of shares they were granted, rather than the percentage of shares outstanding. They would multiply their number of shared granted by some arbitrary…

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Orchestrator or Autocrat?

This weekend’s Wall Street Journal contained an article by former Chrysler and General Motors executive Bob Lutz called “Life Lessons from a Car Guy.”  Lutz believes that different kinds of organizations require different kinds of leaders.  A loosely-connected conglomerate like General Electric requires a leader with vision and portfolio management skills; investing/divesting lines of business,…

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Grading My 2010 Resolutions

How did I do with my 2010 tongue-in-cheek New Year’s resolutions?  A report card:   10.Less BlackBerry reading; more blackberry eating Fail.  I read more BlackBerry emails than I ate blackberries.   9.    Avoid 2010 meaning that I traveled to 20 cities on 10 airlines Partial credit.  16 cities on 6 airlines.   8.    Leverage…

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