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2011 in Review: The Next Era of Transformation

SAP TV on December 27, 2011

2011: a year to remember for SAP. The software company made it clear it wants to lead in analytics, mobile, in-memory, cloud and database. Again, SAP delivered on its goal, helping to make the world run better.

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SAP Aims to be More Cloudy and Mobile in 2012 and Beyond

Smart Data Collective on December 11, 20122

I attended the annual SAP Influencer Summit (Twitter #SAPSummit), at which executives from SAP meet with analysts and customers from around the world to discuss the company’s direction. Pointing out that in 2012 SAP will reach its 40th anniversary of operations, chief communications officer Hubertus Kulpus and chief marketing officer Jonathan Becher kicked off the summit, then passed the microphones to co-CEO Jim Hagemann-Snabe and CTO Vishal Sikka for overviews of the business and technology strategies. They presented a well-rehearsed dialogue on SAP’s definition of its software business as being in two areas, the “system of record” and “system of engagement”; the first term describes its transactional applications and the second its portfolio of business analytics.


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Why Blogging is Exactly Like Moneyball

December 9, 2011 Forbes by Todd Wilms

SAP has their share of Pujols-like bloggers, with names like Bob Evans and SAP CMO Jonathan Becher driving consistent “big hits” blogs – great content connecting in great numbers for their audiences.  But, we have a well rounded team of consistent bloggers who are great at “grinding out” hits for us – Eric LaiTim Clark, Anthony Leaper, Kai Goerlich, Richard Howells, and on and on.  Each provides their own unique voice to the site and helps raise the level of debate in their space, in their markets.


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Why SAP Wants To Move Beyond ‘Big’

October 10, 2011 Forbes by Jennifer Rooney

Now as it moves into a new era under the marketing leadership of CMO Jonathan Becher, a three-time CEO, it is seeking to build stronger relationships with smaller businesses, like Pinkberry and Skullcandy. In fact, Mr. Becher wants to extend SAP’s branding to companies and people who don’t really know what SAP is—beyond a “big company” that “sells expensive software for the biggest companies on the planet.”


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Issue 2: The NEW SCN – Sharing the Excitement

October 4, 2011 Storified by SAP CommunityNetwork

” Some of the most compelling content about what we do comes from the SAP Community Network. That’s our platform that allows our customers and partners to blog and comment. There are something like 2.8 million members on that site now, and they go in and have discussions, often without us being involved whatsoever, about the value, the attributes of a product, how to install it, how it works, how to change it for a particular industry that we may not be very prevalent in.
Is that content marketing? Yes. Is that us doing all the heavy lifting? No, we’re just moderating a bunch of that. Our standard website is Everything is published by us. I can imagine a future where maybe we publish less than 50% of the content. The rest of the content [would come] from the greater community.”

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SAP Teched Las Vegas and Beyond – SAP at the Crossroads

September 39, 2011 Enterprise Irregulars by Jon Reed

The biggest drag on the “new SAP” is in fact the “old SAP”, a dynamic that many SAP executives, including Sanjay Poonen, are keenly aware of (Poonen spoke about culture change at SAP openly during our shoot).  But as Poonen would concede, awareness is the easy part: retrofitting culture is a monstrous project. A lengthy list of departed executives who seemed to have a “new SAP openness” implies – to me anyway – that SAP still has work to do here, though SAP will point out (rightly) that many talented executives with an open style are thriving at SAP as well (Steve Lucas and Jonathan Becher, to name two, as well as Sikka and his team).


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CMO Close-Up with Jonathan Becher, CMO of SAP

September 28, 2011 B2b Marketing by Sean Callahan

onathan Becher was formally named SAP’s CMO in August after serving in the role on an interim basis for four months. He succeeded Martin Homlish, who left to become CMO of Hewlett-Packard Co. in April.

Becher had been exec VP-marketing for SAP since the business software giant acquired Pilot Software, where he had been president and CEO-CMO, in 2007. At SAP, he had overseen product marketing, channel marketing and field marketing. In his new role, he’s also in charge of branding, advertising, marketing communications and online.

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Forbes Update: Giving Marketers a Voice On Our Emerging Platform

September 28, 2011 Forbes by Lewis Dvorkin

I learned something from SAP’s post, which I found intelligently provocative. The company is putting both time and effort into AdVoice. Currently, 16 SAP employees contribute to its branded group page on Jonathan Becher, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and a contributor himself, recently told me he’d like to add even more. He views AdVoice as “a platform not only for our authentic voice to be heard through our SAP employees who post but also one that invites dialogue and interaction.”


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