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Measuring (Lack of) CRM Usage

One of the most common complaints about customer relationship management (CRM) systems is that the individual reps don’t use them.  This isn’t very surprising to me, as many deployments are designed to give visibility to management or to streamline the ops person’s ability to forecast, rather than to add value to the individual rep. Organizations…

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Reviewing Call Centers

If you’re interested in performance management for call centers, you might want to check out an article I wrote called “Bridging the Gap Between Executive and Call Center Management” that appeared in the latest issue of Contact Professional. Here’s an excerpt: Despite significant investments in time and technology – including performance management – why is…

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In Support of the Wrong Outcome

After my posting on call centers, I received an email from a reader submitting his own recent experience with a call center.  The story is so funny – and such a classic example of lack of alignment – that, with the reader’s permission, I decided to share it with you. I edited the email for…

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