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Software Consumption

I’m a fan of the logic model because it emphasizes outcome KPIs that monitor impact rather than output metrics that track activities.  I also like strategy maps because they are simple visualizations that force scorekeepers to recognize multiple points of view (aka perspectives). A few months ago, I combined the two ideas while working with a…

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Target vs. Goal

While most people don’t distinguish between goals and objectives in every day conversation, I find that performance management practitioners sometimes use the word goal when they really mean target. This potential confusion between objectives and targets explains why I usually recommend against using the term goal when establishing a standard performance management terminology. From my…

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Show Me The Measures

Although she’s too far away to hear me, I want to give a big shout-out to Stacey Barr from Australia who describes herself as a performance measure specialist. In the Performance Measurement Association Discussion Forum, someone named “Eke, U” asks which parameters they should use to measure the performance of a marine terminal gate. I…

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