Digital Transformation Requires a Mindset Beyond Marketing

Published July 28, 2016 by Don Bulmer, Gartner

Executives responsible for leading digital transformation face daunting challenges.  This is especially true in complex business organizations with entrenched cultures and longstanding business models that resist transformation. I recently sat down with Jonathan Becher, SAP’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Jonathan is a longtime advocate and practitioner of innovation, digital excellence and customer-driven marketing.

“Like most companies, digital became a hot word at SAP.  Changing the user experience gets the most buzz and attention in many digital initiatives.  Success, however, requires that you do more than create a new front-end design or user experience.  You also need to address fundamental issues and adapt core business process, in order for digital to deliver innovation that creates value.  Innovation through digital happens when you change the business model as well as the customer experience…”

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