Banking, Digital Transformation and the Challenge for Its Suppliers

Published February 13, 2017 by Elibeth Eduardo G., CIO Latin AmericaCIOAL The Standard IT

There is always talk of the challenge that for a vertical involves its own transformation. The size of the bank forces the change – also – of its suppliers. That is why software solution companies have already begun to anticipate changes and update their offers of services to provide cost alternatives to institutions that prefer third-party services. Thus, at the most recent SAP Forum in Mexico, the company exhibited during 120 sessions many of the success stories in digital transformation, leveraged by the company’s solutions.

“The digital revolution in which we are immersed will change the way we live even more. To the point that there will only be two types of people: the revolutionaries who show the way and the reactionaries who follow the first,” said SAP’s Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Becher.

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