SofOS Present at the SAP Forum Mexico 2017 – All about the Digital Economy

Published March 2, 2017 by Lcda. Jhosymar Sifontes, SofOS (Mexico)SofOS

The 7th edition of the SAP Forum Mexico was held at Expo Santa Fe. The message that was highlighted was that it is now time to reimagine, evolve and transform our business to be part of the Digital Economy. More than 6,000 attendees gathered at SAP Forum Mexico 2017.

Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at SAP, took the stage to talk about the concept of transformation. He cited several examples of the transformation that he sees every day in Silicon Valley. He spoke of his experience with autonomous cars, with virtual and augmented reality, and how even though these technologies seem far away, they are certainly proof that transformation is happening now.

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