SAP Mobility: Is Pricing the Only Issue?

 March 14, 2012, ZDNet by Dennis Howlett

This jibes well with a recent conversation I had with Jonathan Becher, CMO SAP. He said that SAP is very good at elephant hunting and doing those multi million dollar deals. It doesn’t have a good way of doing small deals. SAP hasn’t figured out how to publish a price list – let alone a price list for dedicated mobile applications. It prefers to arrange complex bundling deals that muddy the waters. In its view there is no point in publishing the price list because it would not be relevant to how deals are struck. There are exceptions but in the conversations I’ve had with SAP, they fight shy of providing definitive information about pricing. The closest I’ve gotten is $50/user/month on mobile CRM. Given the remarks above, that may be misleading.

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