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I beg to differ

There hasn’t been enough debate on this blog recently so I’m hoping this post will stir things up a bit. Over at the other guys, Frank wrote a post titled EPM and Strategy Management that I had to read four or five times to understand. Even now, I’m not completely sure what he’s getting at. My confusion…

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Planning vs. Budgeting

Openly, I get annoyed when people use the term planning to describe budgeting. While the terms planning and budgeting are often used interchangeably, they’re not the same thing. Budgeting is how you allocate resources (typically financial) to reach specific objectives. Budgeting helps you create an estimate of income and expenses for a specific time period. Budgeting manages money…

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Achilles’ other heel

Avisen certainly intrigued me with a post called The Achilles heal (sic) of Performance Management.  It’s widely agreed that many performance management projects deliver less value than originally promised.  The issue is so endemic that a colleague once asked me “Does performance management have any value?” Imagine my disappointment when, after wading through nearly 1000 words of…

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