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A Sustainable Performance Lesson from the Grinch

With the arrival of the holiday season comes the inevitable onslaught of television classics, including “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Home Alone”. While each are good movies in their own right, I wonder if the latter became a holiday staple largely based on the sheer number of times it was repeated in the first few…

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Am I A Blogger?

I ran into James Governor at SAP’s Influencer Summit this week. As he points out in the comments on my inaugural post, James was the chief hassler to get me started on this blog. In the interim, he’s been both wildly supportive and correctly critical. Not surprisingly, we had an engaging and fascinating conversation about…

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Blogging Performance, part 2

After the reading the comments on my previous Blogging Performance post, I decided to revise my mission statement: Mission: To be a top of mind destination for performance management information and interactive discussions. According to my jumpstart methodology, the next step is to define specific objectives using the four Balanced Scorecard perspectives: financial, customer, process, and…

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Blogging Performance

How’s your blog doing? That’s a question I get frequently and I fumble for a good answer. Normally I mention that my readership seems to increase every month and leave it at that. But the question – and my fumbled answer – are a constant reminder I’ve never established any objectives for this blog. As such, I…

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Is Satisfaction Or Loyalty Better?

Jeffrey Gitomer starts an article titled If your customers are satisfied, why are they leaving? with the provocative statement: Customer satisfaction is dead. Gitomer claims customer loyalty matter whereas customer satisfaction does not. Instead of measuring satisfaction, Gitomer recommends you should ask customers three questions to gauge loyalty: Will they do business with you again?…

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Top 10 Books on Performance Management

People frequently ask me which book they should read to learn more about strategy and performance management. While there are many books worth reading, I don’t think there’s a single book that gives you a complete enough view.  Both strategy and performance management come in many flavors, and you have to read several books to appreciate the breadth….

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The Superstar CFO

CFO Research Services recently published a report called “The Superstar CFO: Optimizing an increasingly complex role” based on a research survey of 350+ senior finance executives from a broad cross-section of company segments. The goal of the survey was to identify the attributes of highly successful CFOs; not just what they do but also what they…

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