About This Blog

I started this blog in 2007 to share my views on how to improve company performance – firmly believing that culture eats strategy. My inaugural post provided the inspiration for the name of this blog, Manage By Walking Around. I’ve also written about my management guidelines, suggested tips for new managers, and explored exponential thinking.

Over time, the scope of this blog broadened: Why do we behave the way we do? How do our actions influence the behavior of others? How can these lessons inform performance, business, and our lives? I’ve investigated these and other related topics while having some fun along the way.

About Me

You can normally find me hiking on weekends. It clears my head and allows me to think more deeply. That’s why you’ll most often find me posting on Sunday.

I’m a frequent speaker at industry events and a published author on multiple subjects. I was named the most social CMO in the Huffington post, one of the world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes Magazine, and a top CxO on Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine. I’ve had several senior leadership roles at SAP, I’m a three-time CEO, member of multiple Boards, and an adviser to early stage companies. These days I’m the President of the Sharks Sports & Entertainment.

To contact me, send email to (Jonathan dot Becher at Yahoo dot Com) or follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@jbecher).