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Operational, IT, or Financial?

In response to my earlier post titled “What’s In A Name”, a reader named Stephen agrees that financial and workforce performance management are different things but asks: “… what’s IT performance management or operational performance management? Is the product [needed to support them] any different?” Point taken, Stephen. I used the terms but never defined them. Outside…

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Scorecards vs. Dashboards

Quick, what’s the difference between a scorecard and a dashboard?  Scorecard and report card?   Dashboard and portal?  If scorecards are supposed to be balanced, are dashboards inherently unbalanced?  And with all of the hubbub surrounding digital dashboards, what ever happened to the analog report?  Admittedly, these questions are a bit tongue and cheek but the…

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Performance Management’s Value

Yesterday a colleague asked me “Is there any tangible value in deploying a performance management system?” The question took me by surprise because she wasn’t asking if there was any value in automating using a software package but rather whether there was any documented value in performance management itself. I assured her that performance management…

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