50 Influential CMOs On Social Media

7-9-2014 1-19-25 PMPublished September 18, 2014 by Forbes

This week Infegy, a data-based company that helps bring clarity to social data, released a list of the top 50 CMOs by social influence. This list is based on their data analytics platform Infegy Atlas. Apparent when analyzing this list is that some CMOs are slow to adopting new mediums of communication in their own lives.

Rion Martin, Marketing Director at Infegy, explained the process of determining who is the most socially influential CMO: “When evaluating the top 50 CMOs by social influence, you must take into account several factors: indexed social interactions, shares, re-shares, mentions, sentiment of interactions, strength of your followers, and back links.”

Top 50 CMOs Ranked By Social Media Influence

10).  Jonathan Becher               SAP                 @jbecher

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