SAP Study: Only 16% of companies implementing tailored strategies for the digital economy leadership

Published September 26, 2016 by (Romania)agora

Global Survey Leaders 2020 *, recently launched by SAP, the world-leading supplier of business software solutions and technology, along with Oxford Economics, shows that only 16% of participating companies have implemented strategies of leadership adapted to the digital economy strategies that have able to lead the digital transformation throughout the company to improve its performance and to have more engaged employees.

Business transformation to the digital economy is the theme of the 11th edition of the event SAP Forum, which will meet on October 13 in Bucharest, including representatives of the private and the public sectors. Among the topics to be discussed at this year’s forum include the digitization of business processes, transforming the shopping experience of consumers, the development of a workforce, digital new business models, etc. The special guest of the event is Jonathan Becher, SAP Chief Digital Officer, who has overseen the SAP Digital division since 2014, implementing a new digital strategy for the company globally, and extending SAP business in new directions.

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