Use Performance Management To Realize the Promise of CRM: An Interview With Pilot Software’s Jonathan D. Becher

Published Feb 21, 2005 by Customer Think

CRM systems have helped companies automate processes, but businesses need something more targeted to move the company forward. Pilot Software CEO Jonathan D. Becher sees his company’s solution, operational performance management, as a way for businesses to gauge how well they are moving toward the business’ operational goals—for a more customer-centric approach. founder Bob Thompson speaks with Becher about the Pilot approach in this inaugural edition of Inside Scoop.

I have three short words of advice. The first is: Don’t bite off too much; don’t go big bang. This isn’t something that needs to take you months, or even years. You can get real value out of performance management in just a small number of weeks. Think small with high value.

The second thing is, just as with CRM, to do this right, it’s more than just software. It requires an approach; a philosophy; a way of thinking about it.

Which leads me to the third point, which is: Don’t start with your data. The analytics industry has sort of conditioned us so that the first thing we do is try and define a bunch of metrics. Unfortunately, we end up with metrics overload. Step back, and try to think about what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Articulate that. Break it up into different points of view, and you’ll be much more successful.

Read the full interview here.

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