Interview: Jonathan Becher, CEO and President, Pilot Software

Published May 20, 2006 by MyCustomer

One other question of course is what we mean by BI which has become a somewhat convenient catch-all phrase to cover a mutitude of technologies, including analytics and potentially performance management. If we take the latter definition, then one of the significant names to consider will be Pilot Software.

“It is the nature of things that terminology is blurred,” suggests Pilot CEO Jonathan Becher. “BI is analytics, but that form of BI is about digging through mountains of data to find out what has happened in the past.”

“But we are not really BI. Our fundamental goal is to optimise the harnessing of data for business ends. Over the next 5 years or so there will be a corporate mentality that is less of ‘do it faster’ and more about do it more strategically.”

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