Issue 2: The NEW SCN – Sharing the Excitement

October 4, 2011 Storified by SAP CommunityNetwork

” Some of the most compelling content about what we do comes from the SAP Community Network. That’s our platform that allows our customers and partners to blog and comment. There are something like 2.8 million members on that site now, and they go in and have discussions, often without us being involved whatsoever, about the value, the attributes of a product, how to install it, how it works, how to change it for a particular industry that we may not be very prevalent in.
Is that content marketing? Yes. Is that us doing all the heavy lifting? No, we’re just moderating a bunch of that. Our standard website is Everything is published by us. I can imagine a future where maybe we publish less than 50% of the content. The rest of the content [would come] from the greater community.”

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