SAPPHIRE Now 2012 – day 1 wrap

May 15, 2012, ZDNet by Dennis Howlett

The surprise for most was that SAP took a radical departure from its past fare of grand visions and cheesy demos. Instead it got real, walking, talking customers to join McDermott on stage. I know this was CMO Jonathan Becher’s brain child as it is a topic we have regularly discussed. The questions from MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski were mostly softballs to even the untrained ear and at times bordered on the inane.

Even so, I give Becher, McDermott and the creative team a LOT of kudos for stepping away from a formula that no longer works and is often as dull as dishwater to business people. Of course a keynote of this kind is always a sales pitch. But if you’ve got to have them then I’d much rather it was customers doing the advertising than the often hollow sound of a professional sales person.

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