Bay Area employment owes much to companies based elsewhere

20130808__0811colonies~4_300August 9, 2013, Mercury News by Steve Johnson

…Nonetheless, nearly two dozen businesses headquartered outside the Bay Area agreed to disclose some facts about their local tech operations, many of which have been built up by buying other businesses here. Their work forces alone, which total nearly 47,000 people, provide a partial picture of the massive impact such companies are having on the region, as they try to soak up some of Silicon Valley’s tech magic.

One example is software giant SAP of Walldorf, Germany.  It already has more than 3,500 Bay Area employees, mostly in Palo Alto. But “over the next five years, I think you’ll see a significant increase in the valley,” said spokesman Jonathan Becher. “We are essentially planting our flag and saying ‘we are here.'”

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