6 questions with SAP’s Chief Marketing Technologist

chiefmartecPublished February 19, 2014 by Chiefmartec.com

When I posted my presentation The Marketing Technologist: Neo of the Marketing Matrix a few months ago, one of the people who commented on it was Nancy Fessatidis, VP of Marketing Operations at SAP:

Great post Scott. The CMT role has served us well at SAP. We call this our Business Information Officer (BIO). It’s a critical role not just in Marketing but in every key line of business — to help translate our business needs into an enterprise architecture roadmap.

My ears pricked up, as public sightings of chief marketing technologists are still relatively rare. When Gartner released their latest research last month showing that 81% of large companies now have a chief marketing technologist type role, my reaction was both (a) awesome and (b) where are they hiding?

In a subsequent exchange on Twitter, around a Harvard Business blog post on why CMOs and CIOs Need to Get Along to Make Big Data Work, the CMO of SAP, Jonathan Becher, actually chimed in to offer an introduction to their chief marketing technologist:

4-15-2014 4-49-45 PM

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