SAPPHIRE 2016: SAP Feels Your Pain, ‘Storms Ahead’ On New Apps, Consumer Insights

Published May 20, 2016 by by Doug Henschen, Constellation Research

SAP is stepping up customer guidance on S/4HANA deployments, but it’s full speed ahead on app modernization, predictive analytics and data services. Here’s a look inside SAPPHIRE 2016.

SAP Digital Consumer Insight Service: In the digital world, analysts can explore data on referring URLs (where site visitors came from), dwell time (how long they stayed on a site, page or item), and the entire digital path to purchase. The SAP Digital Consumer Insight Service announced at SAPPHIRE offers the equivalent of these measures for the physical world. Customers can download up to three days of mobile traffic data on any location in the U.S. The insights are derived from aggregated, non-personally identifiable mobile phone data from Sybase 365, which interconnects traffic between the major mobile networks.

My POV: It’s nice to see SAP practicing what it preaches on coming up with innovative new business models — in this case monetizing its own data. I was surprised that the sales approach is limited to credit card purchasing exclusively through I could easily imagine a variety of pricing schemes geared to large businesses, but Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer and head of SAP Digital, tells me is aimed at the consumerization of IT. The goal is low-cost, no-human-touch online purchasing of SAP software and services with an eye toward a truly broad market. It’s a digital disruption from within SAP, and it’s worth a closer look.

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