SAP’s Digital Consumer Insight – A Monster

Published May 19, 2016 by Dennis Howlett, Diginomica

Summary: SAP has found something truly original and exciting. Real time data that can add genuine business value.

A couple of weeks ago, I met wth Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer SAP at the company’s Palo Alto offices. Among other things, he showed me a preview of SAP’s Consumer Digital Insight. When I first saw this demonstrated, I had one of those rare jaw dropping moments. I realized that SAP is onto something really BIG. It doesn’t happen often. In fact almost never.

In conversation with Becher, it turns out that business of any size are finding value in the service. He said that one of the first businesses to try the service was a hair salon. Who would have thought? There is always the question of whether the data is truly anonymized. According to Becher, SAP cannot see any personal data. Then there is the question of whether the data is representative. Again, according to Becher, the company has had the statistical validity of results independently verified and, if in a particular instance, there isn’t enough data then it returns ‘no result’ and the data buyer pays nothing.

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