Run Simple. Run Live. Run SAP?

Published May 24, 2016 by David Carr, Forbes

SAP wants to be the first company you think of to help you run a simple, digital enterprise powered by live data and an elegant user interface. In other words, they would like you to think of them a little more like a German-engineered equivalent of Apple, with whom they announced a partnership earlier this month. I went to last week’s Sapphire Now user conference to catch up on how SAP is participating in the trend toward digital business.

Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Becher, who used to hold the CMO job, said he sought a broader role for promoting digital trends “because I realized it doesn’t work if it’s only the marketing piece – it’s got to be end to end.” Now he has a dual role promoting more digital and agile ways of doing business within SAP, as well as promoting digital products.

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