The CMO’s Periodic Table (Book Review)

Published November 2016 by The Agency Review

The opportunity afforded by Drew Neisser’s The CMO’s Periodic Table is a terrific one, as it gives us, in more or less their own words, not just the central stories and case studies of the marketing leaders of literally dozens of companies large and small; It also gives us an insight into how these leaders think, and how that differs and doesn’t differ from the dozens of other executives in precisely the same shoes. Compiled by Neisser, CEO and founder of Renegade Marketing and publisher of, these 64 interviews are arranged not by industry, category or discipline, but around a sort of marketing “periodic table” that Neisser has devised. By arranging them this way, Neisser is able to mix and match them, explain their “elemental” importance, and turn the collection from simply a random compendium of conversations into a really valuable tool for understanding the state of marketing today.

Jonathan Becher, SAP’s current CDO and previous CMO, is one of the 64 marketing leaders interviewed for this book. He is quoted as saying: “For all good business leaders, there comes a day when you realize, ‘What got us here won’t get us where we need to go.’”

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