The Surprising Best (And Worst) Times To Visit Disney World

By Katie Kelly Bell, Forbes, November 22, 2016forbes-logo

Most of us know the obvious—weekends are busier than weekdays at any Disney theme park, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s is considered to be a sugar-induced holiday haze of teeming masses and long lines. Surprisingly, according to new data gathered by SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Sundays in the summer are the quietest at the park and Thanksgiving week is actually busier than the week after Christmas. You’ll also generally find more people at the parks mid-week during the summer months than on the weekends.

According to Jonathan Becher, head of SAP Digital and chief digital officer, the information was “gathered from research conducted using the new SAP Digital Consumer Insight data service which unlocks demographic information based on anonymized and aggregated mobile data.” These SAP tools capture mobile moments in and around specific locations. Essentially, by looking at mobile phone and device usage in specific areas, they were able to determine how busy the parks were at any given time.

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