SAP: Digitization Is a Revolution, Not a Transformation

Published January 11, 2017 by ZF Business Hi-Tech (Romania)

While the pace of development of new technologies is increasingly alert, organizations need flexibility to stay in business, believes Jonathan Becher, CDO of the German company SAP, one of the largest producers of business software solutions in the world.

“Do not think about a digital transformation, but a revolution,” said Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer, SAP. “A transformation is done in a structured and organized way and is planned – you know what will happen. In the digital world, however, things do not happen in an organized way – there isn’t always a plan. Because it’s really a revolution, things do not happen in a given moment, but when you least expect it. You do not have to plan, but start to change.”

Click here to read the full article (orginal in Romanian).

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