Changing Sales Models for Business Software – SAP’s Top Digital Director

Published February 2, 2017 by Yoko Sueoka, ZDNet JapanImage result for zdnet japan logo

Gaurav Jaiswal, SAP Digital Vice President, discussed SAP Digital with ‘’. The SAP venture, new in 2014, is aimed at expanding the company’s reach to end users. The cloud is having a massive impact on the IT concepts of companies – businesses are rushing to establish cloud models everywhere. SAP is proceeding with introducing an SaaS style in sales as well as offering products. SAP has built a digital commerce infrastructure that allows SAP and SAP partner products to be purchased in a complete self-service format with minimal human intervention.

Bill McDermott, SAP CEO, issued a challenge in 2014 to Jonathan Becher, then Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), on how to expand the reach to end users. Becher gathered several people, including Jaiswal, and devised a business plan. Soon after, SAP Digital was born. Currently Becher leads SAP Digital as the first Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of SAP.

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