SAP SE is partnering with the Singularity University of Innovation and Ideas and is co-founder of SingularityU Germany

Published May 30, 2017 by Kurpfalz Business Briefing (Germany)

The SU is an innovation and ideas workshop that was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009 with the aim of motivating executives through the use of training and support to deploy exponential technologies that address the major challenges facing mankind. The Singularity University has thus made a lot of progress. Their goal, however, perfectly reflects the vision of SAP to improve the processes of the global economy and the lives of people. The SU is strongly represented in Silicon Valley in particular. But also Europe and especially Berlin are important innovation locations.

“As the world’s leading provider of business software, SAP has been firmly rooted in Europe with its German headquarters for 45 years, making it an ideal partner to successfully launch the SU in Germany. In particular, the SAP Digital Business Services EMEA and SAP Digital divisions have made a strong contribution to closer collaboration with SU in Europe. “Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer of SAP and Head of SAP Digital.

Click here to read the full article (original in German).

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