[SAP Sapphire] Why did Software Company Make ‘SIM Card’ for IoT?

Published May 18, 2017 by Baek Ji Young, Digital Daily (Korea)Digital Daily

“We now create these. Isn’t it amazing? With these products, SAP is putting the ‘I’ in the Internet of Things (IoT). ”

Digital Daily met with Jonathan Becher, SAP’s chief digital officer (CDO), at SAP’s Sapphire NOW Annual Conference on Tuesday (17 June). His CDO position supports corporate ‘digitization,’ leading digital innovation. Becher showed us a SIM card, which he explained was born as part of this digital innovation. The name of this SIM card, released by SAP, is ‘IoT Connect 365’. It was created to simplify the connectivity of objects in IoT. SAP does not sell sim cards but charges them based on data exchanged through them. The chip is equipped with software that can check data usage status. Users can view and control the connectivity and data usage of IoT devices from a single user interface (UI) and API.

“This allows us to connect any device, such as tractors, toasters, toys, etc., to the SAP cloud,” Becher said. “This will also reduce the cost of IoT networks. This is the first hardware ever made by SAP. It’s a rare case.”

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