SJ Exec Casts Doubt on Leaked 4th Jerseys; NHL to Release in November

Published October 27, 2020 by PGH Hockey Now

For the past several weeks, there have been numerous leaks across Twitter of new team jerseys, including a Vegas Golden Knights “fourth” sweater and a Pittsburgh Penguins fourth jersey. Most of the leaks have been retro jerseys paying homage to a team’s past, but with inverted colors. And many have been for sale.

However, according to San Jose Sharks President Jonathan Becher, the alternate sweaters were a hoax. Becher tweeted:

“Entertained by the alternate jerseys designs on social media labeled as based on inside info. We have creative fans! None of these designs are real.”

It would appear Becher went beyond the Sharks jerseys and referenced the weeks of leaks, but that is a matter of interpretation. The source of the Penguins fourth jersey was an eBay seller. Are the Penguins fourth jerseys fakes, discarded prototypes, or real? Until another team comments, either way, we have reason to wonder.

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