An Unexpected Disruption and Transformation — Jonathan Becher, President San Jose Sharks and Sharks Sports and Entertainment

Published Feb 10, 2021 by Robert Siegel, Stanford Business School

Our fourth session this year was the first time we spent a whole class talking about a sports team — a new industry for The Industrialist’s Dilemma. With the rise of Esports and gaming, accelerated in popularity by the pandemic, we thought we had the perfect setup: an executive from a major league sports franchise who would be juxtaposed to the CEO of a major gaming company a few weeks later (Bobby Kotick of Activision Blizzard).

Alas, if the last six years have taught us anything, our best sessions happen when we hear insights that we did not anticipate in our preparation. This year, Jonathan Becher, President of the San Jose Sharks and Sharks Sports and Entertainment, provided lenses on the company’s activities around the many opportunities he sees in the coming decades.

Read the summary of the class here.

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