Kevin Smith’s Appeal to Recreate Classic Clerks Scene in Clerks III Gets Perfect Response

Published Aug 4, 2021 by comicbook

Clerks director Kevin Smith turned 51 this week and his birthday also marked the start of production on the long-awaited Clerks III.

“Dear @SanJoseSharks: We would like to recreate this scene with @JayMewes from CLERKS in our new movie we’re shooting called CLERKS III. We haven’t been able to get a permission response, even with the aid of the @NJDevils. Can you help us? Please contact @JordanMonsanto. Thanks!,” Smith wrote.

“We got you, @ThatKevinSmith. Will follow up with @JordanMonsanto but I want it known that I wasn’t even supposed to be here today,” Jonathan Becher, the San Jose Sharks President, replied.

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