Takeaways from Doug Wilson stepping down as Sharks’ GM

Published April 6, 2022 by NBC Sports

“Since Doug’s been out, there’s always that question of when will he be ready to come back? It was always when will he be ready, not if,” Becher said. “Doug has definitely improved over the last couple of months. But he took the decision that he needs to concentrate on his health full time. So it’s really only in the last couple of days. This is late-breaking more than anything else.”

“Whoever that GM is, we’ll build on the incredible legacy that Doug has built over the last 19 years. Clearly, we want to get back to repeatable playoff hockey. That’s the goal of this franchise,” Becher said. “You’ve seen over the season, we have some world-class players and some incredible talent in this organization. But openly, we do need a few more pieces which will be part of both Joe’s job and the GM’s as well.”

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