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Banking, Digital Transformation and the Challenge for Its Suppliers

Published February 13, 2017 by Elibeth Eduardo G., CIO Latin AmericaCIOAL The Standard IT

There is always talk of the challenge that for a vertical involves its own transformation. The size of the bank forces the change – also – of its suppliers. That is why software solution companies have already begun to anticipate changes and update their offers of services to provide cost alternatives to institutions that prefer third-party services. Thus, at the most recent SAP Forum in Mexico, the company exhibited during 120 sessions many of the success stories in digital transformation, leveraged by the company’s solutions.

“The digital revolution in which we are immersed will change the way we live even more. To the point that there will only be two types of people: the revolutionaries who show the way and the reactionaries who follow the first,” said SAP’s Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Becher.

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Interview with Jonathan Becher, SAP’s Chief Digital Officer

Published February 10, 2017 by Juan Carlos Almanza, CIO Latin AmericaCIOAL The Standard IT

During the past SAP Forum [Mexico], we had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at SAP, who provided statements on the new wave of digital transformation.

At the outset, SAP has gone from being a company that has served large corporations to small and medium enterprises. Becher explained that SAP is now focused on addressing the digitization of things, the internet of everything, and the automation that is building more than ever. SAP aims to give its customers options and tools that can help them get a handle on the digital revolution.

Becher notes that while CIOs have been the traditional drivers of transformation, today it is the responsibility of all business parties to provide information and advance technology. “We are in the process of change. Today you can even buy products from SAP with your own credit card in less than an hour, without the need to wait for contracts to be signed.”

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Debate on Digital Economy, Accountability and Innovation at SAP Forum

Published February 7, 2017 by Juan Carlos Machorro, Mi Ambiente (Latin America) Image result for mi ambiente logo

During the SAP Forum Mexico, there was a broad dialogue between companies on business, technology and innovation that seeks to reimagine corporations in a digital economy. In this seventh edition of SAP Forum Mexico, more than 6,000 attendees were received.

Jonathan Becher, SAP’s Chief Digital Officer, spoke about the keys to SAP’s transformation into the digital world and mentioned that “the only constant in the world is change,” finding ourselves in the midst of a digital revolution, which will change the way we live. In this world, there are two types of people: the revolutionaries, who teach the way, and the reactionaries, those who follow them.”

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Mexico City: Digital Transformation Driver

Published February 3, 2017 by Adolfo Manaure, CIO Latin AmericaCIOAL The Standard IT

With the participation of companies from more than 25 industries, more than 120 sessions, and many success stories about transforming global companies into the digital era, Mexico City was the setting for a new SAP Forum. The seventh edition of SAP Forum Mexico, which hosted more than 6,000 attendees, began with a plenary session welcome by Rafael Sanchez, Managing Director of SAP Mexico.

Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer of SAP, spoke about the keys to the transformation of SAP into the digital world and mentioned that “the only constant in the world is change,” as we find ourselves in the midst of “a digital revolution that will change the way In which we live in which there are two types of people: the revolutionaries, who teach the way, and the reactionaries, who follow them.”

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Changing Sales Models for Business Software – SAP’s Top Digital Director

Published February 2, 2017 by Yoko Sueoka, ZDNet JapanImage result for zdnet japan logo

Gaurav Jaiswal, SAP Digital Vice President, discussed SAP Digital with ‘’. The SAP venture, new in 2014, is aimed at expanding the company’s reach to end users. The cloud is having a massive impact on the IT concepts of companies – businesses are rushing to establish cloud models everywhere. SAP is proceeding with introducing an SaaS style in sales as well as offering products. SAP has built a digital commerce infrastructure that allows SAP and SAP partner products to be purchased in a complete self-service format with minimal human intervention.

Bill McDermott, SAP CEO, issued a challenge in 2014 to Jonathan Becher, then Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), on how to expand the reach to end users. Becher gathered several people, including Jaiswal, and devised a business plan. Soon after, SAP Digital was born. Currently Becher leads SAP Digital as the first Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of SAP.

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SAP: Digitization Is a Revolution, Not a Transformation

Published January 11, 2017 by ZF Business Hi-Tech (Romania)

While the pace of development of new technologies is increasingly alert, organizations need flexibility to stay in business, believes Jonathan Becher, CDO of the German company SAP, one of the largest producers of business software solutions in the world.

“Do not think about a digital transformation, but a revolution,” said Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer, SAP. “A transformation is done in a structured and organized way and is planned – you know what will happen. In the digital world, however, things do not happen in an organized way – there isn’t always a plan. Because it’s really a revolution, things do not happen in a given moment, but when you least expect it. You do not have to plan, but start to change.”

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Separating Hype From Reality: How To Assess The Progress Of Your Digital Transformation Journey

Published January 6, 2017 by D!gitalist Magazine

Oxford Dictionaries recently chose the word “post-truth” as the 2016 word of the year, after events such as the Brexit referendum and a contentious U.S. presidential election. “Post-truth” refers to “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

Jonathan Becher writes: As far as I know, there is no equivalent word or phrase of the year for the technology and business sectors. But if there was, “digital transformation” might be the one. Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Yet, fewer are doing anything meaningful about moving ahead on a true digital transformation journey. There’s an element of “post-truth” – or a disconnect from the facts – in many discussions. Let’s see if I can help you sort through the hype and move a little closer to gaining a realistic understanding of your digital transformation journey.

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Penalty-Saving Software

Published December 1, 2016 by Stephan Finsterbusch, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (

SAP has developed a solution that records and analyzes football penalties. So far, the company has focused primarily on business with other companies. The new app provides data on goalkeepers, strikers, goals and missed penalties. The German national soccer team is one of the most prominent customers of SAP analysis tools.

The new app will most likely attract more customers than other offerings in the SAP Digital store. In doing so, Jonathan Becher, SAP Chief Digital Officer, is making new paths for the company, writes SAP Digital primarily provides small solutions for analytics, helps designers put up new websites and supports software architects in creating virtual reality applications.

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The CMO’s Periodic Table (Book Review)

Published November 2016 by The Agency Review

The opportunity afforded by Drew Neisser’s The CMO’s Periodic Table is a terrific one, as it gives us, in more or less their own words, not just the central stories and case studies of the marketing leaders of literally dozens of companies large and small; It also gives us an insight into how these leaders think, and how that differs and doesn’t differ from the dozens of other executives in precisely the same shoes. Compiled by Neisser, CEO and founder of Renegade Marketing and publisher of, these 64 interviews are arranged not by industry, category or discipline, but around a sort of marketing “periodic table” that Neisser has devised. By arranging them this way, Neisser is able to mix and match them, explain their “elemental” importance, and turn the collection from simply a random compendium of conversations into a really valuable tool for understanding the state of marketing today.

Jonathan Becher, SAP’s current CDO and previous CMO, is one of the 64 marketing leaders interviewed for this book. He is quoted as saying: “For all good business leaders, there comes a day when you realize, ‘What got us here won’t get us where we need to go.’”

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The Surprising Best (And Worst) Times To Visit Disney World

By Katie Kelly Bell, Forbes, November 22, 2016forbes-logo

Most of us know the obvious—weekends are busier than weekdays at any Disney theme park, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s is considered to be a sugar-induced holiday haze of teeming masses and long lines. Surprisingly, according to new data gathered by SAP Digital Consumer Insight, Sundays in the summer are the quietest at the park and Thanksgiving week is actually busier than the week after Christmas. You’ll also generally find more people at the parks mid-week during the summer months than on the weekends.

According to Jonathan Becher, head of SAP Digital and chief digital officer, the information was “gathered from research conducted using the new SAP Digital Consumer Insight data service which unlocks demographic information based on anonymized and aggregated mobile data.” These SAP tools capture mobile moments in and around specific locations. Essentially, by looking at mobile phone and device usage in specific areas, they were able to determine how busy the parks were at any given time.

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