How NBA Player Analytics Opened Up a Whole New Business for SAP

fast companyPublished March 7, 2014 by Fast Company 

When SAP launched their sports analytics division in 2013, they never dreamed that it would end up creating a whole new adjacent business: small business analytics. That’s right: SAP’s work with the NBA taught them how to sell into mom-and-pop businesses, a market they had previously never touched.

What do you think?

So how did they get from the NBA to SMB?

Sports As a Playground

Consider the analytical experiment that is and the Video Box Score–the system now captures every dribble. By working to document, process, and display virtually every imaginable statistic in basketball games, SAP is showing businesses of all kinds the seemingly endless variety of real-time analytics at their fingertips. And these solutions aren’t relegated to sports alone.

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