SAP’s CMO On Its Plans To Be A “Big Part” Of Advertising’s Future

adexchangerPublished May 9, 2014 by AdExchanger

Jonathan Becher has a lot on his mind this week.

As CMO of global German enterprise software company SAP, which employs 67,000, he spearheads the messaging for a multi-billion dollar public business. And on Sunday, that business announced the departure of Vishal Sikka, one of its product pioneers who tirelessly evangelized SAP’s high-speed-everything engine HANA.

Furthermore, SAP has not had an easy ride in the image department. Some industry insiders say its media and marketing capabilities are playing “catch up” to competitors like Adobe and Oracle, which are acquiring and building digital marketing clouds at breakneck speed.

Becher fully acknowledges SAP’s perception of being rooted in the supply chain-centric world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and big finance. But it’s an image Becher, who came to SAP seven years ago by way of acquisition (Pilot Software), is looking to change.

Becher spoke with AdExchanger.

AdExchanger: What’s SAP doing in digital marketing these days?

JONATHAN BECHER: Because we’re a technology company, we can experiment with a lot of technology SAP [already] has to solve marketing problems, and not just digital marketing problems.

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