Can law firm CMO’s ignore becoming influential on Twitter?

lexblogPublished July 9, 2014 by LexBlog Inc.

Why is it important for CMOs to be influential on Twitter? Per SAP’s CMO Jonathan Becher (@jbecher):

Your level of credibility can improve. As you establish your personal brand, that helps in entrepreneurship or building a business. If you’re a CMO of a large company, you’re in a pretty similar position because you are someone who can articulate the deeper values of a company, including its approach towards innovation, how it is dealing with social or tech change, or how it is handling environmental risks. You’re a leader of the company, and you’re representing the company and how it deals with key issues. And what you end up being able to do is present the company in a more human way because [you’re] a person’s face, not just a logo.

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