Digitalization Brings Along “Changes”

Published November 22, 2015 by Bloomberg BusinessWeek Turkiye MagazineBloomberg Businessweek Resmi

As consumer behavior and business models are deeply transforming through digitalization, attendees at SAP Forum Istanbul looked for answers to the questions: ‘What is digitalization?’ ‘How will accelerated pace in digitalization affect business models and customers?’

Bloomberg Businessweek Türkiye interviewed General Manager of SAP Turkey Zeynep Keskin and SAP Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Becher during the SAP Forum Istanbul event focusing on digital transformation. Becher and Keskin stated that change is a challenging concept which may result in resistance due to cultural conditions. However, Turkey follows global developments very closely; from an industrial and corporate perspective, Turkish companies have a broader vision now. Even SMEs can benefit from services of a cloud company for their small teams, and create added value through technology. According to Becher, cloud capabilities and SAP HANA’s contribution to ‘discovering simple’ for businesses are two of the strongest factors that differentiate SAP.  

Click here to read the full article (original in Turkish).


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