A Data-Backed Approach: The Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow in 2016

Published January 6, 2015 by Maptive

We are at the beginning of a revolution that will impact every business and life on this planet. While we live in the information age, it is vital to have a way to process all the information into something tangible and usable. Thankfully, this is where big data comes into play. Who is the best source of information on big data?

With over 1.2 billion websites, it’s a challenge to find the best people to follow, and get quality advice from. So we [Maptive] took the time to find some of the most influential experts in the field of data for you. To find out who the most influential big data experts are around the world, we compared many data science practitioners’ impact on social media. Although by no means a perfect science, social media has given us an inside peek into how influential people are online.

Without further ado, after analyzing over 800 names, here is … a data-backed approach of the top 100 Big Data experts to follow.

The list includes Jonathan Becher: Once the CMO at SAP and former three time CEO, Jonathan has since become the Chief Digital Officer at SAP, where he heads up a newly-created integrated business unit which will market and sell traditional ecommerce and digitally native software, content, education and services direct to the consumer through SAP’s digital store. Jonathan also blogs at jonathanbecher.com.

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