Do We Really Want Disruptors? Maybe Not as Much as is Claimed.

Published March 17, 2016 by Den Howlett, Diginomica diginomica

The notion of disruption is nothing new in management and technology circles. Most recently, it has taken on special meaning in a number of markets as new entrants seemingly emerge from nowhere creating havoc for incumbents. The obvious example is Uber but there are many others. In technology, the idea of ditching data centers and running enterprise solutions as services can be regarded in the same manner, in large part because SaaS removes the need for costly IT infrastructure and the supporting mechanisms. Yet if recent surveys are to be believed, we are still at the early innings of seeing a transformation over to SaaS, despite being 10 years or more into this movement.

As noted by Dennis in the article: Over at SAP, Jonathan Becher, who leads the company’s digital solutions unit, recently told me how his unit is succeeding in selling on an inbound basis only. No sales rep calls. It’s small scale right now so the impact is minimal but I wonder what happens if Becher’s unit achieves breakout enterprise level scale?

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