Even in SMBs, Digital Transformation Needs to Extend to the Entire Enterprise

examinerPublished May 2, 2016 by Examiner.com

Most think of a digital transformation as the province of the IT department, or in a small business, the person in charge of the computers. But at last week’s SAP Business One Innovation Summit, held in Orlando, Fla., [it was highlighted that] the digital transformation needs to touch every facet of the business.

As Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at SAP, said in his keynote address at the summit, digital is attached to everything in the business, from the business model to the customer experience. Most companies can’t compete on price, so they add services. Those that truly are transforming change their business model. Becher cited the music industry’s shift from an album-centric sales model to a song-centric model, and lately, with the advent of services like Spotify, a subscription-based model. Relevant to the audience of SAP implementation partners, who are seeing SAP offer its flagship SMB product, Business One, on a subscription basis, the attendees were then challenged to rethink how they create value.

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