The Software Giant Is Moving Into Business Data and Apps

Published May 25, 2016 by Michael Kroker, WirtschaftsWoche (Germany)

During SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 in Orlando, Florida last week, SAP CEO Bill McDermott presented a plan for the company’s envisaged journey over the next few years. McDermott wants to add more digital goods such as marketing or payment data to the company’s offerings. Customers will be able to download data easily via SAP’s own app store, like the new SAP Digital Consumer Insight announced at the show.

“Consumer Insight is only a first step,” says Jonathan Becher. “We will expand our digital offerings significantly in the coming months.” Like his boss McDermott, Becher thinks big. The new offerings are to go far beyond mere data subscriptions. He can imagine, for example, that company HR departments might download information about applicants from the SAP Store. He also sees facts and figures on customer payment behavior as a potential future business field for new data services.”

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