Transferring Data From Anywhere With One Nail-sized ‘Chip’

Published May 17, 2017 by Kim Ji-sung, CIO Biz (Korea)Home

In the IoT era, the network costs for communication between devices and systems are increasing. Cost reduction is important.

“If you have a chip with the size of a nail, you can collect and transmit data anywhere wireless communication is not possible. This resolves an issue where data collection was difficult due to unstable network conditions. SAP replaces the Internet role on the Internet of Things (IoT),” Jonathan Becher, SAP’s chief digital officer (CDO), said as he pulled out a palm-sized card during an interview at the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, USA.

This card, similar to a SIM card, contains a nail-sized chip, responsible for data collection. Even where the internet environment is bad, data can be collected at any time.

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