Because it’s been an uncharacteristic two full weeks since my last post, I thought I’d give everyone a quick update on what I’ve been up to.  (No, Jerry, I haven’t decided to give up blogging, move to the Bahamas, and take up sailing.)  I was a vacation during the week of July 4th – no laptop, no cell phone.  As expected, it took most of the next week to catch up. 

And this last week I was in a week-long class at Harvard Business School called “Driving Corporate Performance”. The two primary professors were Bob Kaplan and Bob Simons but there were some extremely good supporting facility as well.  I was surprised by the large size of the class (80+ students), the proportion of International representation (about 2/3 were from outside North America), and the high quality of the pupils. 

Over the next two weeks, I plan to post several entries related to my experiences in the class.  If you’re one of my class members reading this, please share your impressions as well.


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