The Other Blog: Work Odyssey 2010

Despite the fact that only two of my readers have pointed it out, it’s painfully obvious to me that I haven’t posted in two weeks. While two weeks isn’t very long, I pride myself on posting weekly and commited to measuring frequency of posting just a few months ago.  The few days off I took for Thanksgiving is partly responsible; given the low readership of the Thanksgiving measures post from a few years ago, I wasn’t inspired to try a repeat.  To compensate, I’ve been more active on Twitter (@jbecher); in a future post, I’ll establish some success metrics for that channel.

However, the real reason for my two week absence is that I’ve been consumed with getting ready for the SAP Influencer Summit.  While I’m really looking forward to spending time with 250+ of the industry’s top influencers and advisors in Boston on Tues, the preparation has taken virtually every moment of my time over the last few weeks.

Speaking of virtual, you can watch the Summit keynotes and browse associated content using an on-line platform. I’ll also be tweeting and blogging about the Summit.  Instead of posting here, I’ll be using my work blog on the SAP Community Network.

As for the odd subtitle for this entry?  That will be more clear after my session at Influencer Summit on Tues.  See you (virtually) there.

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2 Responses to The Other Blog: Work Odyssey 2010

  1. Robert E December 9, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    Enjoyed your keynote speech at the Influencers Summit. Liked how you had visuals, though no Powerpoints. Also your interaction with “computer voices” made for a fun give-and-take presentation.

    With all the moving parts with that presentation, it is no wonder you haven’t had time to blog.

  2. Jonathan December 9, 2009 at 1:44 pm #

    Thanks for the nice words Robert. I did finally find time to blog:

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